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Lessons that will take place over Skype with screen sharing, I will be teaching music theory, split in to three sections:

The guts of the music, this is what gives us the emotion we feel when listening to a piece we really like,
Learning how to set up and manage musical expectations, when to stay in or leave standard key signatures, 
both bringing out and hiding dissonances, good storytelling and great orchestral scoring is all key to an exciting music piece.

Examining musical characters and how to solidify their place within your music,
Different types of counterpoint and making them stand out,
Melodic Writing.

Where each instrument sits in the music and how prominent they can be within different timbre set ups.
how to bring out the melody in the instruments you chose, scoring and engraving musical scores to a standard
playable by live orchestra.

Lessons are costed at £25/hr and will be an hour long each.

If you're interested, drop me an email at:  thomasbarbrook@gmail.com


Otherwise check out my blog posts for some free music theory snippets!