Increasing the action!

This device is a bit strange in that there isn't really a set chord progression to it, 
you can really take it anywhere, in any key/mode and it will be good to go!

The premise is that you find a melody line that you like (doens't need to be diatonic!),
after this you just find shadowed chords underneath it while either keeping the bass steady,
or not leaping and moving it in a direction that lready has a pattern to it (so it has some power).

For example in this new piece i've written you can see that after the Bminor stabs in bar 49 - 51 there are
three sets of triplets all with their own chord, i decided before hand i wanted the melody to move A - Bb - Cnat
and then set to working out what chords could go underneath it in the shadow.

(click to enlarge)


when you're looking for chords try to keep in mind that it should be following a "classic story" in the sense that each chord should be
stronger than the last (tonic-subdominant-dominant), break away from any idea that these need to be chords I - IV - V
for example here i have F# minor as the tonic, F#minor with Bb as the subdominant and then D major with a C natural as the dominant.

The key is freeing up your mind and just playing around until you get something you like, a good rule for this is that
to increase disruption of peace between chords the more notes you move that are outside of it's current tonality the greater
disruption you will feel, this also works when moving notes that are in the same tonality you just wont feel it as much.

Anyway that's enough rambling try it out and see what comes up!