Revealing Mist.

In these blogs i’m going to be posting about snippets of music that i find really interesting, and seeing what knowledge there is to be gained from studying them!

The first piece i’ll be looking at is ‘Hook Kidnaps Jane’ from the film ‘Return to Never land’ music by Joel McNeely.

There is a cue at roughly 10 seconds in, a series of descending and ascending triplets with minor chord shadows, it looks like this:


To me this gives an image of a dark moody night sky, with a thick layer of mist that is slowly dissipating to reveal what is hidden beneath it, hence the name of the post!

I have implemented this technique into my own work, using it as a segue from one section of music to another, it has a great effect in bringing the music gently back down from a large tutti.

(click to enlarge)

You can listen to that exert here: